Bath County Committee Meeting, Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 6 pm
August 29, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Official Call

Meeting of Bath County Republican Committee

As Chairman of the Bath County Republican Committee, and pursuant to the Republican
Party of Virginia Plan of Organization, and as recommended and directed by the
Committee, I, David Fisher, do hereby issue this call for a Regular Meeting as approved
August 29, 2019 and posted on the District website August 29, 2019, to be held at the Bath
County Courthouse at 65 Courthouse Hill Road, Warm Springs, Virginia 24484, starting at
6:00pm on Thursday, August 29, 2019 for the following purposes:


Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Reading of the Republican Creed
Roll Call, including proxies, or attendance sheet and Quorum report
Welcome guests
Approve new members (welcome!)
Motion to approve agenda
Motion to approve minutes of previous meeting (attached)
Treasurer’s Report

Chairman’s Report
New Business:
Considering a vote of endorsement for Eliot Harding .
Unfinished Business
Set the date of the next meeting