Heads up: Roanoke City GOP meeting coming on February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
to be identified

Next meeting on Feb. 27


This is just a “head’s up” for our next meeting.  (This is NOT an official call for the meeting.)  As you all know, we have entered a Presidential Election year and that means …

  • We are likely to have more interest in and volunteers for our committee than we have had in the last three years;
  • We will be electing a new Mayor and three City Council members; so
  • We need to harness all that volunteer energy to make sure that our new Mayor and Council Members are REPUBLICANS!!

We will be laying the groundwork for the November 5, 2024 election on Feb. 27.  Important matters that are likely to be on the agenda include the following ….

  • Approval of a nomination method for a Republican Mayoral candidate;
  • Approval of a nomination method for up to three Republican City Council Mayoral candidates;
  • Approval of a call for the mass meeting that will in turn elect:
    • a Roanoke City GOP committee for 2024-2026;
    • a Roanoke City GOP committee Chairman for 2024-2026;
    • delegates to the 2024 Republican 6th District Convention
    • delegates to the 2024 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention

This is going to be a big year — it could be the year a Republican rides the Trump Train into Roanoke City’s Mayoral Office (the Democrat vote already appears to be split — just like when Ralph Smith won the Mayor’s race more than two decades ago).  We can make that happen… and the groundwork will be laid on Feb 27.  Keep an eye on your inbox for a call in two weeks or so.

Charlie Nave – Chairman
Roanoke City Republican Committee

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