Staunton City Republican Committee Unit Meeting
August 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Staunton Public Library, 2nd Floor Meeting Room
1 Churchville Ave
Staunton VA
Matt Fitzgerald
I, Matt Fitzgerald, hereby issue a call for a unit meeting on Tuesday, August 28th , 7pm at Staunton Public Library, 2nd floor Meeting Room at 1 Churchville Ave.  There will be much to discuss locally, regionally, and nationally.  Please plan to join us!
Our agenda will be as follows.
1.      Call to Order
2.      Invocation
3.      Pledge
4.      Roll Call
5.      Approval of Agenda
6.      Approval of Minutes
7.      Treasurer’s Report
8.      Old Business
9.      New Business
a.        Speakers for Elected office, Ben Cline or representative, Corey Stewart or representative
b.        Discussion of Headquarters for Fall Election
c.        Discussion of Signage Distribution and Purchase
d.        Discussion of Phone Banking/Door Walking Opportunities
e.        Review of vote for Medicaid Expansion
f.        Review of activity in the 6th District since Convention
g.        Upcoming Events
                1.  Dickie Bell Fundraiser October 4th
                2.  6th District Fundraiser at end of September
                3.  Others?
h.        Local meetings report.
                1. City Council
                2. School Board
i.        Other Business

10.      Adjourn

Most Sincerely,

Matthew J. Fitzgerald, Chairman

Staunton Republican Committee